About Us

Ted and Sharyn Lindblad have been married for over 31 years.  In that time Ted has been self employed in a variety of vocations from construction to high-end audio, to (still) beef jerky and Sharyn has been a professional in the retail sector, currently a senior director at JC Penney.  Both have been dreaming of starting a venture they might call their own.  A profession where they could work together as a team.  Remembering back to her teenage years working at Friendly’s Ice Cream Parlor, it was Sharyn’s idea to begin an ice cream shop.  Ted (being Ted) quickly suggested that our shop be different than all the others; that we should infuse a little booze into the ice cream… make things “doubleplus” interesting!  The name Cocktail Creamery popped into his head and the concept was off and running.  Approximately one year later Cocktail Creamery is up and running in beautiful historic downtown McKinney, Texas in collaboration with The Donut Kitchen with over 30 alcohol infused flavors of artisanal ice cream and several seasonal sorbets and sherbets (see, What’s On Tap).

Our Goal

very simply put, is to produce the finest super premium homemade ice cream that can possibly be conjured up. Then, to amplify this already incredible edible, we infuse high quality liqueurs into the mix prior to freezing. “If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it beyond right.” We have spared no expense in choosing the finest ice cream making equipment (Emory Thompson), the most exceptional ingredients available; combining these with a very vivid imagination and love for ice cream. All of our flavors are made from the richest 18% butterfat ice cream base. The highest quality pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is used to develop and intensify our every flavor. The variety of flavors themselves were sampled from literally across the world and chosen because we could find no better. Fine fruit wines and premium liqueurs further enhance all but those servings reserved for the young ones who love ice cream too. For the kids we will always have an outstanding chocolate, strawberry and vanilla on hand, but make no mistake… this is dessert for adults! Never underestimating the most important ingredient of all, Tender Loving Care is used with abundance in every batch of frozen dessert we make! That’s TLC, y’all…

This, as one might imagine, makes our ice cream more expensive than most other brands. It’s costly to manufacture. We know there are many fine shops in our area for y’all to visit which serve very good ice cream and that’s great! Enjoy them! We wanted more however… we want to be outstanding, extraordinary, unique; thus, we concoct the superlative products we do using the over the top ingredients we use. Average is for the majority… and that’s just not us. Come on in for a visit and give us a try. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you, put a very big smile on your face and some yummy ice cream love in your tummy!